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aménagement bords de Qiantang River waterfront 2023 TJAD Wentao Rd, Binjiang

Smart New World Innovation Center offices 2023 gad Wentao Rd, bord by Zhijiang Bridge, Binjiang

Future Car Park 2022 D. Statham angle corner Qiutao N Rd, Qingchun E Rd, Jianggan

China Hangzhou E-sports Center 2022 CSADI Shixiang Rd, Gongshu

bureaux Deep Blue offices 2022 GLA Design voie nouvelle (Xiyuanba Rd), Xihu

bureaux Sky City offices 2022 Superimpose Yuhangtang Rd, Yuhang

siège "Viewshine" headquarters 2021 gad / Line+ Xiangyun Rd, Yuhang

Westlake University Yungu campus 2021 Henn / UAD / Wes (paysage landscape) 600 Dunyu Rd, Sandun Town, Xihu

bureaux Glory office park offices 2020 gad Yuhangtang Rd, Haiyuan Rd, Lianchuang St, Future Science and Technology City - Haichuang Park, Yuhang

bureaux Aoti Vanke centre offices 2020 LKW Pinglan Rd, Minxiang Rd, Haiqing Rd, Xiaoshan

bureaux offices 2020 LYCS réhabilitation usine, Feihong Rd (Huayuangang St), Gongshu

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Experimental Primary School and Kindergarten (groupe scolaire) 2020 UAD Yangfan Rd, Binsheng Rd, Danfeng Rd, Binjiang

OōEli Art Park (bureaux, centres d'art, ...) 2020 R. Piano 398 Tianmushan Rd, Xihu

centre de formation artistique Eagle Studio art training centre 2020 waa Changkou, Fuyang

Ccial Cube Gallery shopping centre 2019 CLOU angle corner Jianshe 1st Rd, Jinji Rd, Xiaoshan

pavillons (fitness, salle multifonction, ...) Linping Sports Park supporting facilities 2019 CCTN Linping park, Linding Rd, Yuhang

bureaux, hôtel, Ccial (tour) GDA Plaza offices, hotel, Shopping centre 2019 GMP (Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) angle corner 619 Yan'an Rd, Tiyuchang Rd, Wu Lin Shang Quan, Xiacheng

bureaux, logements, Ccial Vantone Center offices, housing, shopping centre 2019 CLOU angle corner Yuhangtang Rd, Jingxing Rd, Yuhang

Hangzhou Yuhang Opera 2019 Henning Larsen / Hangzhou Architectural & Civil Engineering Design Institute / Bassinet Turquin / AECOM (paysage landscape) Xinghe S Rd, Yuhang

école élémentaire Shengli elementary school 2018 UAD Yingu Rd, Shangcheng

Affiliated School of the College of Education 2018 UAD Zhejiang University, Xipu Rd, Binjiang

Hangzhou Choven Century City Experimental School (école) 2018 MONOARCHI angle corner 78 Yingfeng Rd, Zhenning Rd, Xiaoshan

espace commercial BO Space mixed commercial space 2018 WJ Design réhabilitation installations industrielles, HE Park, Xixi National Wetland Park, Zijingang Rd, Xihu

Haishu School of Future Sci-Tech City (groupe scolaire) school complex 2018 LYCS Haishu Rd, Yuhang

International Design Museum of China 2018 A. Siza / C. Castanheira China Academy of Art, Xiangshan campus, Meiyuan S Rd, Xihu

Yunqi Town International Exhibition Center (parc des exposition) 2015-2018 Approach Design Heshan Rd, Shanjing Rd, Xihu

siège "Yasha Group" headquarters 2017 goa Weiyi Rd, Weisan Rd, Shanhusha Rd, Xihu

Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Centre Swimming and Dibing Gym (centre aquatique) 2017 CSADI Xixi Rd, Huanglong Shangquan, Xihu

Hangzhou Liangzhu Mengxi Town- Town of designers 2017 CUC·zoyo extenstion, réhabilitation installations industrielles, Liangbo Rd, Liangzhu, Yuhang

Fuyang Cultural Complex 2017 Amateur Architecture Studio angle corner Yijiang Rd, Jiangbin W Av, Fuyang

Grand-Canal Visitor Center (centre d'interprétation) 2017 Architectural Design And Research Institute of Zhejiang University Xiaohe Rd, bord by the Grand-Canal, Gongshu

Hangzhou Central Plaza 2017 JHD / Lab D+H (paysage landscape) Hangzhou East Railway Station East Square, angle corner Dongnong Rd, Hongtai Rd, Jianggan

groupe scolaire primary school 2017 GLA Gudun Rd, Yuhang

hôtel, bureaux, logements Raffles City Hangzhou hotel, offices, housing 2017 UN Studio Fuchun Rd, XinCheng ShangQuan, Jianggan

siège "Dave & Bella" headquarters 2017 LYCS réhabilitation entrepôt, 26 Juye Rd, Binjiang

Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium 2017 NBBJ / CCDI Feihong Rd, Binjiang

Music Department Complex 2016 gad Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Xiangshan block, Zhijiang area, Xihu

Hangzhou Normal University 2016 WSP Cangqiantang Rd, Yuhang

bureaux "Hakim" (Hangzhou Gateway) offices 2016 JDS (J. de Smedt) Xingye St, Xiacheng

hôtel Jian Gnan Seclusive Life 2016 gad / GFD (intérieur) réhabilitation logements, 188 Dadou Rd, Gongshu

Xixi Wetland Estate (logements) 2015 D. Chipperfield Xixi National Wetland Park, Zijingang Rd, Xihu

"Apple" store 2015 N. Foster Westlake, 100 Pinghai Rd, HuBin ShangQuan, Shangcheng

Folk Art Museum 2015 K. Kuma China Academy of Art, Meiyuan North Rd, Zhuantang Town, Xihu

résidence universitaire residence hall 2015 GLA / gad Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Zhenzhong Rd, Huanshan Rd, Zhuantang Town, Xihu

Lin'an Sports and Culture Center 2015 Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Jiuzhou St, Jiquan Rd, Linan

bureaux, hôtel, ... Phoenix Creative offices, hotel, ... 2014 gad Zhennan Rd, Zhuantang Town, Xihu

Hangzhou East Railway Station (gare) 2014 CSADI Tiancheng Rd, Jianggan

bureaux Seven Sage County offices 2014 Allied Architects International Dongxi Av - E-W Av (X202), Liangzhu New Town, Yuhang

siège "Alibaba Group" - Taobao City headquarters 2013 K. Kuma Wenyi W Rd, Gaojiao Rd, Xiwang Rd, Chang'er Rd, Yuhang

logements, commerces Duolan housing, stores 2012 BAU N°10 St, Jianggan

accueil Xixi National Wetland visitor, exhibition centre 2012 Sunlay / RhineScheme Xixi National Wetland park, Wuchang Av, Longshezui, Yuhang

Pins De La Brume Hotel 2012 GOA 8 Lingyin Rd, Xihu

Baohua Chinese Painting Research Institute 2012 Wang Deng Yue Fuyang

Xixi Artist Clubhouse 2011 AZL Xixi National Wetland park, Liangongdang Rd, Yuhang

Xixi Wetand Art Village 2011 Wang Weijen Xixi National Wetland park, Liangongdang Rd, Yuhang

bureaux (tours) Hualian Twin Towers offices 2011 GMP (Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) 8 Xinye Rd, Juyuan Rd, XinCheng ShangQuan, Jianggan

bureaux Hangzhou Xiaoshan Linjiang Local Council Service Centre offices 2011 BAU Xinshiji Av, Xiaoshan

Xixi Learning Community 2010 Atelier Fronti Xixi National Wetland park, Qingshitan Rd, Yuhang

siège "Zhejiang Wuchan Group" headquarters 2010 GMP (Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) angle corner 56 Huancheng W Rd, Anji Rd, Xiacheng

siège "Alibaba" headquarters 2009 Hassell 699 Wangshang Rd, Qiuyi Rd, Shidai Av, Binxing Rd, Binjiang

Ninetree village (logements) 2007 D. Chipperfield Wuyun Middle Rd, Xihu

Liangzhu culture museum 2007 D. Chipperfield 1 Meilizhou Rd, Liangzhu cultural village, Yuhang

Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art 2004-2007 Amateur Architecture Studio Meiyuan North Rd, Zhuantang Town

logements (tours) housing 2006 Amateur Architecture Studio Qingjiang Rd, Jule Long, Shangcheng

bureaux Gong Yuan offices 2005 GMP (Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner) 8 Qiushi Rd, HuangLong ShangQuan, Xihu



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